Kellogg stocks a full line of Poly Storage tanks.  Whether you’re in need of a potable water storage tank for drinking water, agriculture sprayer replacement, vertical agriculture fertilizer storage or water transportation, we probably stock it.

Norwesco builds just about any configuration of tank you might need, so if it’s a replacement tank for your 15 gallon spot sprayer or a 10,000 gallon vertical storage tank, Kellogg probably has it or can get it.

Kellogg’s is your local stocking dealer for Rotoplas premium vertical storage tanks up to 12,000 gallon.

  • Vertical Potable Water Storage
  • Vertical Agriculture Fertilizer
  • Horizontal Applicator and Saddles
  • Cone Bottom Induction and Stands
  • Flat Bottom Leg and Bands
  • Elliptical Storage
  • Small Spot Sprayer
  • Tank Fittings and Replacement Lids
  • Small Poly Fuel Tank
  • Small Volume Poly Tanks of Various sizes